the most dangerous weapon

weapona lot of “smart” people believe nuclear weapons are the most dangerous issue facing us today.

i say bullshirt.

not even close.

social media is the most dangerous forking weapon.

not because it’s wasting hours of our days, destroying our ability to focus, allowing us to consume tons of useless information, and creating our own pollyannaish little echo chambers.

it does all that…sure.

but, worse than that…it’s weaponizing our inability to critically think.

our ability to take a subject or problem…analyze it, assess it, and and reconstruct it.

the nuclear button is already in the open. sure it takes two or three people to deploy…

but it’s out of the box.

critical thinking on the other hand is being put in a box of confirmation bias…making it impossible to access for millions of people.

and that…by far is the most dangerous weapon facing us today.

you should do this now, because i may – or may not – be one of the two or three people.



Author: Likable Ass

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